Functional Medicine

Mental Health

Your inner mental landscape affects the direction of your physical body, and vice-versa! The mind-body alignment is so important that we lay the foundation of whole-body health by fortifying your mind. Sometimes, this takes the form of ketamine therapy, sometimes by hormone replacement…at the end of the day, though, we sit with you and listen.

Hormone Therapy

As we age (or, for some people, while we’re young), our body’s hormonal feedback mechanisms can get thrown off balance. Sometimes, we can correct that imbalance by improving our lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and decreasing stress levels. Often, that’s not enough. That’s where hormone replacement comes in. This could take the form of estrogen or testosterone therapy. Sometimes your thyroid hormones will need special attention.


If you’re not sleeping well, your mind and body will suffer. That much is obvious. What’s not so apparent, though, is how modern life throws a wrench in our sleep hygiene. At Satori, we’ll take the time to go through your nightly routine and put you on the path to slumberland rejuvenation.

Sexual Health

An active sexual life can be an important component to a life-well-lived (some people say it’s THE MOST important, but to each their own). If you’re struggling at maintaining a fulfilling sexual dimension, we’re there for you–free of judgment or shame. This is your life and our functional medicine specialists are your advocates.


Let’s face it– as Americans in the modern world, we are stressed out. So much so, that doctors have coined a term for the long-term chronic stress that destroys our body– Adrenal Fatigue. This is when your stress hormones are maxed out, and it leads to a host of mental and bodily ailments. But there’s a lot you can do about it. We integrate mental health, hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, and traditional medicine to turn stress into tranquility.

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