Paradigms of Ketamine Therapy

In the world of ketamine treatment, a potential patient will find a vast array of treatment options. It can be confusing, especially in such a vulnerable state. Today I’ll outline the common methods of administration and philosophies surrounding ketamine therapy.   Mindset and Treatment setting   Because of its often unpredictable psychoactive effects, the setting in which ketamine is delivered can vastly change the course of treatment. When given

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This is the first in what will be regular installments of creative works by my patients. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover the well of creativity that lives in people! Enjoy! When I was fifteen, I remember sitting in my grandparent’s back yard on a normal humid summer evening in Copiague, NY. My Oma came out with a mason jar to catch fireflies in. After catching about ten fireflies

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Darkness in the Lake

I’m floating through the tranquil clear waters of my mind. A few feet inland, beyond the beach of smooth river rock, I can see a curtain of birch trees. White flakey bark with dark scratches and scars from failed branches and animals and probably the wind gently waving branches into trunks. Following the trunks vertically reveals the underside of a dense canopy of leaves, yellowed by the cold at

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Contemplation Before and After Ketamine Therapy

I often tell patients that ketamine as a drug can work just ok for relieving mental distress. If you treat it like an SSRI, you’ll experience a period of relief, but the problems will eventually come back. However, if you combine ketamine therapy with a contemplative practice– before and after treatment– you can break through the oppressive fog can gain clarity into who you really are. Meditation and mindfulness

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Transcend yourself… but not too much.

As clinicians are gaining more experience with ketamine and other psychedelics, we’ve realized that integration (therapy before and after treatment) is a key component to the success of treatment. Usually, this takes the form of preparing the patient for the experience, informing them the experience will be better if they don’t try to control the journey. Afterward we talk about the experience and figure out how we can integrate

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