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Dr. Scott Allen

One-On-One Care

Most ketamine clinics provide treatment to several patients at a time. This can be profitable, but our philosophy is that patients should be monitored by a qualified provider, one-on-one, the entire duration of their treatment. You will have a better experience, and likely need fewer treatments.

Trained Medical Professionals

You will be treated one-on-one, by trained professionals, the entire time you're at Satori Health


Dedicated to true and meaningful wellness for our patients.


Each experience is personalized.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a group of medical professionals dedicated to treating YOU individually. 

We treat you one-on-one throughout your entire journey.


Understand your peaceful inner core


Balance your light with your shadow

Renewed Life

Enter a life free of mental chaos

Individual Care

Your care and experience is unique and personal to you.


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What Our Clients Say

Satori Infusions is amazing! Dr. Allen is a true professional, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile. Satori Infusions takes the time to get to know you and educate you about your care/treatment.

Kristy K.

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Allen and Satori infusions. Everything was explained very professionally to me, my experience has been very beneficial, and I feel confident in giving my recommendation for anyone seeking help.

Jeremy R.

I am pleased to review and strongly recommend Satori infusions in St George, Utah. My experience there was life changing! Dr. Allen is a caring professional whose skills, knowledge, and bedside manner combined with an effective treatment regiment have propelled me into a much improved quality of life. I can’t recommend Satori enough!

Jillynn S.

My experience at Satori clinic & with both Dr. Allen's has been life changing. I've suffered from depression/anxiety/fibromyalgia for years now & the treatment I've had at Satori is the only thing that has ever helped, my quality of life has gotten so much better. It's a welcoming atmosphere & both of the doctors are personable & kind. I'd recommend the Satori Clinic whole heartedly to anyone looking for help.

Chelsey T.

Your consultation is unique and personalized!

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Common Questions:

Why choose Satori Health & Wellness?

We are the first integrated ketamine clinic in Southern Utah. Our office offers the highest levels of care. You are never left alone and will have a personal guide from start to finish!

Is Ketamine safe?

Ketamine was FDA approved in the 1970s for use during surgery. Studies have since found to have positive results in the treatment of depression and chronic pain. Ketamine is safe and non-habit forming when administered by a trained healthcare professional in a monitored setting.

Can anyone be treated with ketamine?

We require a consultation for every patient to determine if ketamine is right for you. If ketamine infusions are determined to be a good option, we will move forward with scheduling you for your first infusion.

What makes us unique?

Here at Satori Health, our unique approach of integrated ketamine treatment with experienced physicians and mental health providers sets us apart. Not many clinics will have a provider sit with you personally (the entire time!) as you have your ketamine experience and assist in what that experience brings up —this is what an integrated experience is. You are not sitting alone in a room getting treatment. We are with you the whole time helping you integrate your experience along your healing journey. Our commitment is to YOUR meaningful wellness.


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